Naira Hambardzumyan, Siranush Parsadanyan

Linguostylistic Stratifications in the Novels “Mayta” and “Araksia, or the Governess” by Srbuhi Tyusab

Nune Marikyan

An Overview of Contrastive Analysis of Intonation and Structural-Semantic Characteristics of Disjunctive (Tag Questions) and Alternative Questions in English and Armenian

Armine Mkrtumyan

Word formation with the Foreign Compounds  agr(o)-, ec(o)-, en(o)- in Armenian

Tereza Shahverdyan

Persian Borrowings in the Middle Armenian Language

Albert Poghosyan

Discontinuity of Three-Component Verbal Phrasal Units

Zhanna Aloyan, Nina Jaghinyan

The Study of the Features of the Most Usable Russian and English Phrases in the Armenian Classroom

Ella Sargsyan

The Penetration of French Terms into the English-Speaking Diplomatic Discourse

Nelli Galstyan

National Liberation Struggle as a Manifestation of National Identity Preservation in Novel “Summer Without Dawn” by Hakop Khachikyan and Jean-Yves Soucy

Susanna Tumanyan

Personality Type in the Works of V. Mughnetsyan

Narine Hovhannnisyan

The Historical and Political Portrait of Time in Tamar Hovhannisyan’s Poetry 

Kristina Ghazaryan

The Problem of Dilemma from the Viewpoint of Aesthetic and Ethical Existence in Kh. Hosseini’s Novel “And the Mountains Echoed”

Taron Danielyan, Naghash Martirosyan

Mass Media as an Object of Scientific Research in the Republic of Armenia (on the Example of Dissertations, 1991-2022)

Liana Martirosyan

The Myth of “Unity” as a Reality Construction Tool

Yurik Ghulyan

The Delegation of the Republic of Armenia at the Conference of Constantinople

Henri Matinyan

Polish Press on the Armenian Genocide in 1991-2018

Artur Melikyan

Sogdian Dahai and the Formation of the Arsacid State

Feliks Movsisyan

“The Europe” Weekly on the Danish-Prussian War

Feliks Movsisyan, Tatyana Ohanyan

The Response to the Initiation of the Artsakh Movement  in the “Alik” Daily Newspaper

Elen Sharoyan

Echoes of the Activities of the Armenian National Committee Dedicated to the 100th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide in Tehran’s Daily Newspaper “Alik”

Zoya Chatinyan

19th Century Armenian Public Companies in the Villages Adjacent to Tevrik

Ani Harutyunyan

The Information as a Source of Power and a Cause of Conflict Discourse Occurrence

Gnel Tigranyan

Eternal Problems as a Factor in the Development of Philosophical Knowledge

Andranik Shahinyan

Study of Foreign Labor Migration Causes of the RA within the Framework of Public Opinion Analysis

Susanna Harutyunyan, Irena Harutyunyan, Lyudmila Barseghyan, Gyulchora Galstyan, Roza Avagyan

Possibilities to increase the Economic Efficiency of the Intensification of the Production of Animal Husbandry Products at the CJSC “Tokhmakayan” of the Askeran Region of the Republic of Artsakh

Lyudmila Barseghyan, Roza Avagyan, Irena Harutyunyan,  Susanna Harutyunyan, Gyulchora Galstyan, Nelli Dolukhanyan

Analysis of Budgets of Some Communities of the Martuni Province in 2019-2021

Hrachya Zakaryan

Grouping Economies Based on Digitalisation Performance via Candecomp/Parafac Model and Cluster Analysis

Meri Zakaryan, Zhasmen Zakaryan

The Role of the Tax System in the Country’s Economy

Arine Stepanyan

The Complexity of Measuring the Effectiveness of Employment Regulation in Terms of Beneficiary Expectations

Liana Osipyan

The Main Problems of Distance Learning Management and its Impact on the Economy in RA

Sasun Baghdasaryan, Victoria Harutyunyan

Tourism Business Analysis of the Mountainous Topography of Lori Region

Gohar Yeghyan

Analysis of Tourism Infrastructures of Lori Region

Hayk Avagimyan, Anahit Stepanyan

The Influence of Locus of Control in the Choice of Coping Strategies for Teachers

Hayk Avagimyan, Lilit Stepanyan

Socio-Psychological Features of the Value System of Volunteers Participating in the War and Strategies for Coping and Self-Control of Behavior

Garik Hovakimyan

The Problem of Ethnic Self-Consciousness in the Crisis and Post-Changing Conditions of Society

Vahan Meliksetyan

Aggression as a Post-War Defense Mechanism

Lilit Stepanyan

The Problem of Psychological Traumatization of War Participants

Gagik Eminyan, Lilit Baghdasaryan

The Need for Effective Cooperation between Teaching and Administrative Staff in Public Educational Institutions

Manana Dalalyan, Luiza Marabyan

The Impact of Student-Centered Teaching and Problem-Based Learning on University English Language Courses

Karmile Virabyan, Armine Manukyan

Pedagogical Conditions Forming the Social Activity of Preschool Children

Gevorg Aghanyan

The Role of Mobile Games in the Process of Physical Education of Young School Children

Hovik Sargsyan

The Organization of Training Process of Young Gymnasts in Preparatory Groups