Intellectual Quest “Cilicia in our Heart”

Intellectual Quest “Cilicia in our Heart”

On December 21, at the initiative of the SSS of the Faculty of Humanities of Vanadzor State University, a lesson “Cilicia in our heart” was held using a unique teaching method: gamification or, more popularly, the quest method.

First, second and third year students of the History specialty took part in the game, acting in three randomly formed groups.

The purpose of the lesson was to repeat the material about the Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia through a quest. The students successfully completed the task assigned to them.

In the end, Mariya Brutyan, the Dean of the Faculty of Humanities received a letter of gratitude for supporting the intellectual quest game, and students Hasmik Galstyan and Herik Maghakelyan received letters of gratitude for their activity in evens organized within the framework of the SSS.

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