The Course “Ancient and Modern Armenian Language” is completed

The Course “Ancient and Modern Armenian Language” is completed.

An intensive course of Armenian Studies entitled “Ancient and modern Armenian language” has ended.

The five-day course was held by the candidate of philological sciences, PhD in Comparative Linguistics, research worker of Leiden University, Hrach Martirosyan. Among the participants there were students, alumni and lecturers of VSU.

H. Martirosyan was satisfied with the active participation of the groups, collective and practical work done aiming at consolidating the presented material.

The duration of each lesson was 4-5 hours. The course was organized by interactive methods with the introduction of modern technologies, and the lecture was accompanied with the presentation. Along with the lecture, practical work and group discussions were also done.

The aim of the course was to accessibly present a general description of the origin and historical development of the Armenian language, Armenian culture and history, from the origins of the Indo-European proto-language to languages ​​​​and dialects (of especially Artsakh and Syunik regions) and other topics related to Armenology.

Hrach Martirosyan noted that “the socialization of Armenian linguistics is significant in order to avoid scientific mistakes. In this sense, this course was a great experience”.

Participants of the course received certificates for their active participation.

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