The Best Laboratory Experiments for Pupils

The Best Laboratory Experiments for Pupils

On May 12, pupils of 8th and 9th grades of the Vanadzor basic school N. 8 visited the VSU. Within theframework of university-school relations, pupils were given the opportunity to apply and consolidate their theoretical knowledge in practice.

The pupils were greeted by the head of the Department of Chemistry and Biology, Candidate of Chemical Sciences, Associate Professor Armine Ghazaryan, who urged to show interest in the natural sciences.

Lecturers of the Department of Biology, Candidate of Biological Sciences, Associate ProfessorGayane Sahakyan, and Candidate of Biological Sciences, Associate Professor Shushan Karyan, conducted a number of laboratory experiments, in particular, students studied Elodea cells, made various preparations, and actively participated in the experiment to determine blood groups.

The lecturer of chemistry Angela Hovsepyan conducted a number of interesting experiments: hydrogen production, chromium oxide reaction, exchange reactions, salt hydrolysis, “chemical clock”.

Biology teacher Anush Shekoyan, methodologist Nara Poghosyan, lecturer Maria Sardaryan thanked the academic staff, noting that such connections are a good opportunity not only to deepen their knowledge on the topic being studied, but also to clearly orient themselves in the future profession.

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