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Torabi Maryam 

Idiomatic Analysis of Sayat- Nova’s Poems

Marikyan Nune

 Some Remarks on Contemporary Pronunciation-instruction Priorities and Pronunciation Issues Encountered by ESL/EFL Learners

Jaghinyan Nina

 Linguo-stylistic Analysis of Ernest Hemingway’s “Cat in the Rain”

Sargsyan Nrane

Means and Methods of Formation of the Newest Adjectives

Ayvazyan Tina

The Mythologem “The day is Saturday, the Moon is One Day” in L. Khechoyan’s “Trees of incense” Novella

Avetisyan Nazeli

Modern Meaning of Fable Study in the Public School

Baburyan Hermine T

The Ironic Layers of Hovhannes Tumanyan’s Publicism and Criticism

Zargaryan Ara

The Posthumous Dialogue between Yeghishe Charents and Aghasi Khanjian

Zarmanyan Hermine

 Mikayel Kyurchyan’s Portrait in the Works of Yervand Azatyan

Bernetsyan Arman

 “Europe” Periodical about Nationalist Movements of 1848 in Danubian Principalities

Khorikyan Hovhannes

The Formation Period of Armenia Minor

Kokhlikyan Aramais

 Directive Planning of Agriculture in Soviet Armenia in 1946-1953

Kostandyan Lusine

Russian-Japanese Relations in the Modern Era

Ghulyan Yurik

Armenia- Turkey Negotiations in the Constantinople Convention

Matinyan Henri

The Issue of the Karabakh Conflict in Armenian-Polish Relations during the Period of 1991-2018

Melikyan Artur

The Iconography of Royal Investiture in the Roman Coinage

Movsisyan Felix

Reaction to the Second Carlos War in the “Europe” Weekly Newspaper

Chatinyan Zoya

Armenian Public Associations of Karin in the 19th Century

 Avagyan Misak

Conceptual Approaches to Theories of Optimum Currency Areas

Badoyan Tigran

 Assessment of State Administration Efficiency and Foundations of Methodology

Barseghyan Lyudmila, Harutyunyan Susanna, Harutyunyan Irena, Dolukhanyan Nelli

Budget Analysis of some Communities in Askeran Region of the Republic of Artsakh

Barseghyan Narine

 Armenia as a Future Global Technology Center

Hayrapetyan Anna

The Consequences of Decline in Business Activity in the Context of Reduction of Foreign Investment

Harutyunyan Susanna, Harutyunyan Irena, Barseghyan Lyudmila, Dolukhanyan Nelli

Ways to improve the Organization of Poultry Farming and increase Economic Efficiency in the Republic of Artsakh in “Lusakert” LLC of Martuni Region

Shahinyan Andranik

International Labor Migration. Positive and Negative Sides for Recipient and Donor Countries

Chakhalyan Armine

Basic Issues of the Applicability of the Existing Instrumentation of Parliamentary Control in the Republic of Armenia

Poghosyan Vladimir

Demographic Situation of the Population of the Tavush Region and Natural Growth Trends

Avagimyan Hayk, Arzumanyan Svetlana

Characteristics of Emotional Burnout Syndrome and Empathy of Healthcare Workers

Mirzoyan Vanane

Types of Professional Deformation and Social Psychological Factors Affecting it

Mirzoyan Vanane, Malumyan Tatevik Mikayelyan Madlen

Causes of Professional Deformation and its Correlation with the Typological Features of the Nervous System

Mikayelyan Madlen

 The Role and Value of the Manager’s Conflict Competence in the Relations with Employees

Gishyan Nazik, Yedoyan Anush

Problems of Aesthetic Education among Students of Secondary Schools

Eminyan Gagik, Kurginyan Sona

 Some Peculiarities of Organizing Practical Work in Public Educational Institutions

Martirosyan Lia, Sargsyan Shushanna

Competence Formation Defined by the State Standard of Public School through Subject “Chess” at Junior School Age

Nazaryan Vaghinak

The Role and Importance of Students’ Motor Activity in the Course of the Educational Process

Baghdasaryan Sasun, Poghosyan Tigran

Development of the Information Base Tourism Resources of Lori Region using the GIS System