Distribution of Species and Life Forms of the Genus Sambucus L.

Scientific Proceedings of  Vanadzor State University Natural and Exact Sciences (ISSN 2738-2923)        

2023 vol 1

Distribution of Species and Life Forms of the Genus Sambucus L.  in Lori and Tavush Marzes of Armenia

Zaruhi Vardanyan, Liliya Bayramyan

Gayane Sahakyan, Hasmik Mkhitaryan


Key words: vegetation, life forms, biometric indicators, forest, natural ecosystems, biological diversity

The territory for our research belongs to the Ijevan floristic region, covers the basins of the Aghstev and Debed rivers. The purpose of the work is to identify the distribution areas, life forms of some species of the genus Sambucus nigra L. in the forest ecosystem of the Lori and Tavush marzes.

The features of the distribution areas of species and life forms (trees, shrubs, herbs) of the genus Sambucus L. under the conditions of altitudinal zonality of these areas are determined.

In the undergrowth of the surrounding forests of Vanadzor and Stepanavan, shrubs (up to 6 m) trees of the species Sambucus nigra L.

It should be noted that the Black Elderberry outside the fores is represented only by trees and in the undergrowth – by shrubs. On the outskirts of the city of Vanadzor, at the foot of the forest, unpretentious shrub S.nigra. laciniata L. Zabel. grows.

In Tavush Marz, particularly in the vicinity of Dilijan and Lake Parz Lich, all life forms are found. S. nigra L. and S. ebulus L. species are common in the vicinity of the city of Dilijan and the Dilijan National Park. Representatives of the Sambucus nigra L. species are found in the undergrowth of the mixed forest.

Sambucus ebulus L. is found in clear thickets, in open, well-lit areas. Elderberry species grow almost everywhere, but are especially fruitful in full sun. There are approximately 25-40 individuals in the population.

Due to the differences in climatic conditions in Lori and Tavush marzes, the stages of the growing season take place in different time periods.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.58726/27382923-ne2023.1-48