Thrоugh the Lens оf Trаnslаtiоn: English Film Titlesin the Аrmeniаn Cоntext

Scientific Proceedings of  Vanadzor State University Humanitarian and Social Sciences (ISSN 2738-2915)        

2023 vol 2

Thrоugh the Lens оf Trаnslаtiоn: English Film Titles in the Аrmeniаn Cоntext

 Kristine Hаrutyunyаn

 Mаnаnа Dаlаlyаn


Key wоrds: film title, literаl оr direct trаnslаtiоn, pаrtiаl trаnsfоrmаtiоn, cоmplete trаnsfоrmаtiоn, lexicаl аnd grаmmаticаl trаnsfоrmаtiоns, stylistic аesthetic functiоn, semаntic аdаptаtiоn, trаnsliterаtiоns

The present article is devoted to the peculiarities of Armenian translation of English movie titles.

In recent years, the number of films imported to Armenia from European countries and the USA has greatly increased. Film translation is an essential component of the global film industry, as it acts as a bridge between different cultures and language units. English and Armenian have their own characteristics in linguistic, cultural, aesthetic and other aspects. The purpose of the article is to study the peculiarities of the translation of film titles, to study the special challenges and strategies related to translation in two languages.

After analyzing the features and functions of the movie titles, translators can use transcription, literal translation and free translation options. The translator must also ensure the aesthetic value of the translated film title.

English film title translation is a complex process, for the implementation of which the translator must have basic knowledge, master the informational/social and cultural features of both languages. In the case of translation of Armenian film titles, the linguistic uniqueness of Armenian and its rich cultural heritage should be taken into account. The translator must ensure the aesthetic aspect of the translated film titles, staying true to the original essence of the films, and also spare no effort to achieve a perfect translation of the title, taking into account the patterns and characteristics of the two languages.