The Policy of Forming the Nomenclature in Soviet Armenia (in the 1920s)

Scientific Proceedings of  Vanadzor State University Humanitarian and Social Sciences (ISSN 2738-2915)        

2023 vol 2

The Policy of Forming the Nomenclature in Soviet Armenia (in the 1920s)

Armen Badalyan


Key words: Bolshevik power, the Central Committee of C(B)PA, presidium, secretariat, nomenclature, norms and laws’ field, political monopoly


After conquering the power in Russia (November 1917), the Bolshevik Party began to strengthen its leading role in all aspects of Soviet life: socio-political, socio-economical, judicio-legal etc.

Any of the constitutions approved during the Soviet era did not formulate the concept that the Communist Party must govern all aspects of Soviet life. However, implementing the principle of autocratic governance, the Bolshevik Party became the real highest body leading and governing the Soviet country.

The Communist (Bolshevik) Party of Armenia was a regional faction of the Communist (Bolshevik) Party of Russia. So, it was natural that the above-mentioned Bolshevik principle began to be implemented in Soviet Armenia also. The decisions of the Presidency of the Central Committee of C(b)PA were not only related to the cadre policy of central government bodies of the Armenian SSR, but also their financial issues, activities of local government bodies etc.

Organizing and leading the process of establishment of the Soviet power, the Central Committee of the Armenian Communist Party created significant bodies of power in the provinces formed after the establishment of the Soviet regime. The purpose of the latter was to establish the Soviet power in the places.