Comparative Analysis of Commnicative Skills and AQS(Average Quality Score) of Students in Various Conditionsof Learning Activities’ Organization

Scientific Proceedings of  Vanadzor State University Humanitarian and Social Sciences (ISSN 2738-2915)        

2023 vol 2

Comparative Analysis of Commnicative Skills and AQS (Average Quality Score) of Students in Various Conditions of Learning ActivitiesOrganization

Margarita Makoyan , Armine Khachatryan


Key words: effectiveness of educational activities, academic progress, student, learning motivation, communication skills

This article addresses topics pertaining to students’ academic performance and communicative skills.

Educational activity is a purposeful activity, the maintenance of which leads to mastery of action strategies in the area of scientific concepts. The content of educational activities consists of ways to solve relevant epistemological problems. The requirement of educational activity is the desire of students to master theoretical knowledge in a particular subject area. According to D.B. Elkonin, the result of educational activity is a change in the student’s personality, as well as his development. Any educational activity is the conditions for scientific knowledge: it, first of all, presupposes the acquisition of new skills and ways of working with scientific concepts. As a result of the study, we presented the comparability indicators of students’ communicative abilities and their academic performance.

The aim of the article is to analyze indicators of the level of communication skills and student performance in various educational conditions.

The practical significance of the study is the data obtained and practical analysis that will help specialists using practical work.