Study of Foreign Labor Migration Causes of the RA within the Framework of Public Opinion Analysis

Scientific Proceedings of  Vanadzor State University Humanitarian and Social Sciences (ISSN 2738-2915)        

2023 vol 1

Study of Foreign Labor Migration Causes of the RA within the Framework of Public Opinion Analysis

Andranik Shahinyan


Key words. migration, migration mobility, demographic image violation, social opinion, migratory sentiments


The article deals with a study of the causes of external migration tendencies of RA conducted in accordance with the methodology of sociological research. This research has a selective nature that preserves the standards used in Sociology. 1 urban and 14 rural settlements in Shirak Marz of RA were included in the sample of the sociological research. The sample survey is compiled with regional, professional, migration as well as gender and age characteristics so that valuable and relevant information could be extracted for further study and usage in the development of migration policy. In this regard, there was a problem of assessing the role and importance of migrants in the development of households in Shirak Marz. At the same time, it was necessary to understand what existential problems were formed by the outflow of the workable population from Armenia in recent years, particularly due to the demographic decline and depopulation. The scope of this topic also covers the question of where the Armenian youth currently wants to go and what are the reasons for the migration trend.

The outcomes of the author’s empirical investigation, as mentioned in the document, were derived through systematic validation and analysis of pre-designed protocols. The instruments, crafted by the author, underwent rigorous testing and authentication in educational settings and among the population of 18-year-old migrants domiciled in the city of Gyumri, RA, as well as among the elderly. The report incorporates a comprehensive exposition of the pertinent issue and the delineated objectives of the research. The primary and secondary research data were subjected to instrumental measurements, systematically analyzed, and generated insightful inferences, paving the way for a thought-provoking scientific exposition.

The data, obtained in the framework of the article, will be valuable for scientific and public circles, for institutions dealing with migration issues.