Polish Press on the Armenian Genocide in 1991-2018

Scientific Proceedings of  Vanadzor State University Humanitarian and Social Sciences (ISSN 2738-2915)        

2023 vol 1

Polish Press on the Armenian Genocide in 1991-2018

Henri Matinyan


Key words: the Armenians, Turkey, Poland, Yeghern, massacre, newspaper, recognition, condemnation


The article prօvides a comprehensive analysis of the coverage of the Armenian Genocide in the Polish press in 1990-2018. Polish newspapers with the highest rating and reputation were selected for the research. The study illustrates that the Polish press sympathizes with the just demand of the Armenian people, emphasizing the need to recognize and condemn the crime. In many articles, Polish authors draw parallels between the tragic pages in the history of Armenians and Poles, highlighting the need to condemn such crimes in order to avoid similar cases in the future. The framing of the Armenian Genocide has shifted over time in relation to the changing political and social context in Poland. If in the 1990s the moral imperative to recognize the genocide was mainly discussed, then in the 2000s calls for the civilized world to put pressure on Turkey and force it to face the criminal pages of its own history became noticeable. In many articles, the coverage became more critical because of Turkey’s policy of denial. Additionally, the issue of recognition of the Genocide by other countries is analyzed in the context of international political issues. Particularly active discussions are being held in the Polish press about the adoption of a resolution condemning the Armenian Genocide by the Sejm of Poland in 2005, then in 2015 in the lead-up to the centennial anniversary of the Armenian Genocide.

DOI։ https://doi.org/10.58726/27382915-2023.1-201