The Delegation of the Republic of Armenia

Scientific Proceedings of  Vanadzor State University Humanitarian and Social Sciences (ISSN 2738-2915)        

2023 vol 1

The Delegation of the Republic of Armenia at the Conference of Constantinople

Yurik Ghulyan


Key words: Armenian question, conference, delegation, negotiation, territorial issues, ambassador, independence, contract


The signing of the treaty between Turkey and the newly independent Transcaucasian republics took place in Batum without the participation of Germany and Austria-Hungary. Germany, being against the increase of Turkish influence in Transcaucasia at the expense of Germany, made a proposal to review the decisions made in Batum. The Armenian delegation went to Constantinople by the invitation of the Ottoman government. The delegation’s activity was aimed at ensuring the signing of a more favorable agreement compared to the treaty of Batum. The Turks, not attaching any importance to the declaration of independence of Armenia and the documents presented by the Armenian delegates, emphasized that everything came to an end in Batum, the pact was signed thus, it was only necessary for the powers to sign the document. The high-ranking Turkish officials gave abstract and evasive answers to the practical questions of the Armenian delegates, and they unconditionally supported Azerbaijan in territorial issues, resolutely opposing the issue of including Karabakh and Zangezur to Armenia. The Armenian delegation kept hope for the German Empire, but Germany did not intend to extend the patronage of Armenia, let alone protect it from the territorial ambitions of neighboring Georgia and Azerbaijan. Austria-Hungarian Empire also had no desire to spoil relations with Turkey because of Armenia. Hopes to receive Bulgarian support did not have any results either. As in Berlin and Vienna, as well as in Constantinople, the countries of the Quad Union did not want to take upon themselves the issues of the Armenians and offend their ally Turkey. Thus, the conference of Constantinople did not take place. The RA delegation stayed in Constantinople until the terms of the Mudros truce became known and returned to Armenia after a four-year wait.