Memorial Event dedicated to Charles Aznavour

Memorial Event dedicated to Charles Aznavour

The series of events dedicated to the International Day of Francophonie at Vanadzor State University was completed by the event dedicated to the famous French-Armenian singer, songwriter, writer, film actor and public figure Charles Aznavour.

Mariam Loretsyan, Head of the Cultural Center of the Vanadzor State University, planned and organized the event. Both Armenian and French were used to present Charles Aznavour’s biography. Additionally, bilingual presentations of Aznavour’s works were not only performed by students, but also graduates of the university.

During the event Adelas dance group performed a variety of thematic dances, while Viktoria Shahinyan played the violin.

In 1998, as a result of a survey conducted by The Times and CNN, Aznavour was recognized an «Artist of the Century» with 49 thousand votes. He was awarded the highest state awards of Armenia and France.

The number of CDs sold by the musician to date is around 100 million worldwide.

Songs dedicated to his mother has a special place in Aznavour’s repertoire. One of those beautiful songs, «La mamma», was performed by university graduate Zaruhi Khachatryan.

Aznavour was proud of his Armenian origin. He always supported Armenia and wrote songs about his homeland: «For you, Armenia», «They fell»,«Autobiography», «Tender Armenia».

The song «For you, Armenia» was performed as a concluding song for the event.

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