Traditional Event “Fair of Professions” at Vanadzor State University

Traditional Event “Fair of Professions” at Vanadzor State University

An already traditional event of “Fair of Professions” took place at VSU on November 24.

The Department of Research, Innovation and Cooperation organized the “Fair of Professions”, which brought together not only the professors and students representing all the specialties of the university, but also hundreds of pupils from various localities of Lori Region.

The event had a purpose of contributing to the strengthening of the university-school relation and professional orientation of students.

Rustam Saakyan, the University Rector, gave an introductory speech to kick off the ceremony. The specialties offered by the three faculties were then represented by Hermine Grigoryan, the dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences, Mariya Brutyan, the dean of the Faculty of Humanities, and Hrayr Papoyan, the dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences.

Each specialty was represented during the event in the form of a booth made up of demonstration materials illustrating the features of specialties that explained and the requirements for admission. Pupils had the chance to interact with lecturers and students from the university, get acquainted with the typical student days’ routine and receive the answers to their inquiries. Additionally, information booklets were given to pupils as a help to establish their initial career interests.

The event was accompanied by artistic numbers of “Adelas” Dance Group.

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