Study Visit to the Romanian National University of Theater and Cinema

Study Visit to the Romanian National University of Theater and Cinema

On March 21-26, the three-member team of VSU was hosted at the National University of Cinema and Theatre (UNATC) of Romania (c. Bucharest) within the framework of Erasmus+ “Connecting Universities-Industry through Smart Entrepreneurial Cooperation and Competitive Intelligence of Students in Moldova, Georgia and Armenia” (CONNECT) project to participate in a training course on improving the culture of public communication, which was attended by the representatives from the universities of  Armenia, Moldova, Latvia, Georgia, and Finland. The members of the VSU team were Heghine Melkonyan, PhD, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor of the Chair of Armenian Language and Literature, Lilit Parsadanyan, Lecturer of the Chair of Foreign Languages and Literature, Karine Siradeghyan, Lecturer of the Chair of Mathematics and Informatics.

Within the framework of the training in Bucharest, the participants passed a series of active lectures on various topics of public communication, accompanied by a module on movements. The latter was presented as a powerful preparatory tool for ensuring the success of the speech. The training was also accompanied by study visits (Cinetic IT Center, Avanpost Film Production, Educational Theatre Center Replika), which aimed at highlighting the field of entrepreneurial opportunities for the graduates of UNATC.

The training was held in an atmosphere of active, warm involvement of the participants, which left confidence for continuous cooperation. It was especially valuable to have the opportunity to communicate directly with the program organizers.

Members of the VSU team assure that they can develop the theoretical and practical knowledge gained at UNATC,  expressing their willingness to develop a concise course on public communication and self-expression skills for the Center of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Development (Smart Cafe),  being established at VSU.

VSU lecturers were greatly impressed by the cordial welcome of the host university, represented by the project coordinator Raluca Dragan,  the organizers of the CONNECT projectrepresented by Elena Simciuc, and the high-quality work of the teaching staff, the warm atmosphere of the multicultural communication of the course.

As an additional activity, VSU lecturers also visited the Armenian Church in Bucharest and the church museum, accompanied by priest Oshakan. H. Melkonyan donated the collection of the international conference organized at VSU to the cultural center of the church, and K. Siradeghyan gave the collection of her poems. A proposal was also made to organize remote meetings with the Armenian community on the topics of Armenian studies.

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