Laboratory Experiments at VSU with the Pupils of Secondary School №24

Laboratory Experiments at VSU with the Pupils of Secondary School №24.

Within the framework of the school-university relation, pupils of the secondary school №24 took part in experiments at the biological and ecological research laboratory of VSU.

The first laboratory experiment was carried out by Associate Professor Gayane Sahakyan. The topic was “Turgor and Plasmolyse”, during which the pupils observed under a microscope the phenomenon of plasmolyse when applied to water and saline solutions and the changes occurring in the cytoplasm on anthocyanin-stained onion membrane.

The second laboratory experiment was carried out by PhD in Biology, Associate Professor Shushan Karyan, who first presented the information about blood groups, compatibility, rhesus factor, agglutinogen-agglutinin interaction, then, with the pupils’ direct participation, determined their blood groups.

During the laboratory experiments, VSU fourth-year students of “Biology” specialty, Tatevik Manukyan and Arevik Sargsyan helped to organize the process effectively and guided the pupils to use the microscope and other necessary equipment.

Then, the coordinator of school-university relation, Aida Iskandaryan presented the specialties of the existing and distance learning system of the university to the pupils for the purpose of their professional orientation. She also noted that similar meetings are regular at the university and have been held for about ten years.

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