“Business Plan” Contest with the Participation of Schools of Lori Region

“Business Plan” Contest with the Participation of Schools of Lori Region

As part of the university-school relations, on December 27, at the Smart Cafe of Vanadzor State University, a “Business Plan” contest was held, in which the pupils of Lori Region schools participated.

Participating students were from Vanadzor, Gugark, Bazum, Lernapat, Darpas and Spitak communities. A total of seven teams competed with business ideas. The presented business ideas were also different: “VR tourism”, production of Giftbox, production of napkin holder, establishment of a greenhouse with drip irrigation system in the school premises, wine production, juice production and “FUTW” business project.

The pupils participating in the contest presented themselves in teams of five people each, in which university students acted as mentors and evaluators. Each school team presented a business idea and a corresponding presentation. The jury made observations and recommendations on how to commercialize the idea and make the business competitive.

The contest committee noted that all the presented business ideas were interesting and unique. It was also noted that a lot of work has been done by students and teachers attached to the teams of pupils, and the idea can turn into a business if the teams do continuous work.

The results of the contest were the following: Bazum secondary school team took the third place, Gugark secondary school team took the second place and VSU College team took the first place. The teams will be awarded with diplomas and letters of thanks, and will also have the opportunity to develop their future activities in the field of business at the “Entrepreneurship and Innovation Development Center” (SMART CAFFE) of the university.

Contest details at the link: Տեղեկագիր բիզնես վերջնական 23-24.pdf (vsu.am)

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