Vanadzor State University organizes a concentrated course in Armenology under the title “Ancient and Modern Armenian Language”.

The course will be conducted by the candidate of philological sciences, PhD in Comparative Linguistics, research worker of Leiden University, Hrach Martirosyan. The course will be held from September 12 to September 16 inclusive, with a schedule convenient for students, graduates and professorial staff.

The daily 4-5 hour-course will start on September 12 at 13:00.

The general description of the origins and historical development of the Armenian language, Armenian culture and history will be presented in an accessible way, from the origins of the Indo-European pre-language to the languages and dialects (especially of Artsakh and Syunik regions), and other topics related to Armenian studies.

The lecture will be accompanied with the presentation.

Much attention will be paid to practical works.

At the end certificates will be handed over to the course participants.

In case of having questions, feel free to contact the Research, Innovation and Cooperation Department.

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