portu-mec-himnakan-nkar UNIVERSITY OF PORTO (PORTUGAL)

In the context of Erasmus + International Credit Mobility Programme, Vanadzor State University cooperates with the University of Porto, since 2014. The University of Porto was established on the 22nd of March, in 1911. It is considered to be the second state university of Portugal with the number of students and research opportunities.

In the context of cooperation, ten students have already studied at different departments of the University of Porto. Seminars, courses, various meetings and discussions are conducted, in order to strengthen cooperation with the University and to create new opportunities for students, academic and administrative staff of the University of Porto, on a continual basis.

“In one day, I passed over 4549 km, so as to witness the miracle of Porto streets, to study inside hospitable walls of the Faculty of Philology of the University of Porto, to make good friends at various events and during the excursions organized by Erasmus Student’s Council. I will get acquainted with members of a new family and I will live in their house.  I will remember about all these things, throughout my life. I will come here as an individual, but I will present a whole nation. Armenia is my homeland and Portugal is the country of my heart. The Erasmus + programme has helped me to become more experienced, by giving me an opportunity to learn what is impossible to learn at any university, or find in any book, ” says Lusine Manukyan, who has studied at the Faculty of Philology of the University of Porto, in the context of the Mobility Programme, in 2017.


In the context of Erasmus + Key Action 107 International Credit Mobility Programme, the University of Porto provides scholarships for students, academic and administrative staff of all levels of the academic degrees of VSU.
In the context of Erasmus + Programme of Students’ Mobility, the University of Porto provides scholarships for students’ mobility for one semester. Who can apply for scholarship, which is provided by Erasmus + programme? The students of 2nd, 3rd and 4th courses of Bachelor’s degree (first semester), the students of first and second courses of Master’s degree (first semester) and postgraduate students can apply for students’ mobility scholarship. What courses are studied during the teaching process? The University provides comprehensive education in different departments, in English and Portuguese. You can find the file about the English courses, offered by the University of Porto, at https://mobileplus3.up.pt/courses.  

What criteria are take into account for choosing the students? The choice of the students, who have applied for getting scholarship, is carried out according to the following criteria:

  1. Progress in learning,
  2. Foreign language proficiency (English, B1-B2 level, or Portuguese),
  3. Motivation,
  4. The extracurricular activities of students are preferable.

How to apply for getting Erasmus + scholarship at the University of Porto? The applications are filled out online at https://mobileplus3.up.pt/apply website, for which, it is necessary to register via email at the following link: https://mobileplus3.up.pt/user/create_applicant. The documents, which are required, are as follows:
  1. A photo,

  1. Identity document (passport, identification card),
  2. Certificate proving the obtained degree (for Master’s degree and Postgraduate students),
  3. A. Academic Bulletin (with all grades, starting from the first year),
  4. A certificate, confirming the student’s status, at the university, where you study,
  5. Certificate of foreign language proficiency,
  6. An invitation letter from the host university,
  7. Educational agreement (a list of courses which will be studied at host university),

In case of necessity / availability:

  1. Document that specifically proves your physical disability,
  2. Document that specifically proves your vulnerable socio-economic situation,
  3. Document that specifically proves your social/political vulnerable situation,
  4. 12. Other necessary documents.