Collections of Scientific Works

According to the new requirements of Highest Qualification Committee of Armenia, instead of the previously printed scientific work “Banber” on the bases of social and natural sciences in VSU, separate works with some professional directions are published: philology, pedagogies and methods, science of history, philosophy, psychology, mathematics and physics, informational technology etc. Each scientific collection has its professional counsel that endows the presented articles to publishing. Scientific articles are represented to the Science and Education Centre of VSU.


The Educational Centre accepts scientific articles only if they are:

Attached to the reference of the corresponding chair and mid-chair sub-counsels, signed by the head of the chair and by the presidents of sub-counsels of mid-chair
Have professional review given by the scientific editorial council
Have reference-commenting and used bibliography
Have summaries in two languages
Contain the necessary information about the author(s)
Methodical articles should have at least 8 printer’s sheet.
The scientific work can be sent to outer reviewing. The materials are accepted in a printed version, matrix- Arial Armenian (Armenian), Arial Lat Rus (Russian), Times New Roman (other foreign language), matrix- 12, spacing-1.5.