The infrastructure of the relations between school and university has been functioning at the University, since 2005.

Nowadays, it is included in the Department of Cooperation and International Relations. The function of the infrastructure is to conduct professional orientation works among schoolchildren in Lori Region, to provide materials and information about university life and education process and about the educational programmes, which are carried out and specialties.

The works, organized in the context of the relations between school and university, are derived from the the strategic priorities of the University and are planned and implemented for each academic year. The cooperation is carried out with the general schools, high schools and colleges of Vanadzor, Gugark region, and the regions of Spitak, Stepanavan, Alaverdi and Tashir. Since 2008, the educational centers have been operating in the following cities: Tashir, Spitak, Stepanavan and Alaverdi. Their functions are as follows: to fulfill informative and consulting work among high school students in the region and to ensure effective communication with all the districts and remote villages of the region. The educational, cultural, sporting and other events, carried out by the department, are organized with the efforts of all the subdivisions of the university. Different works, which are accomplished for career orientation process of the applicants, are fulfilled according to the regulations and procedures, approved by the Academic Council. From the most important works, it is worth mentioning the following:

  1. Each year, they are organized free preparatory courses for the admission exams, as well as, school Olympiads from Armenian language, Armenian literature, Russian language, and English language, History, Geography, Mathematics, Physics, Informatics, Biology, Chemistry, Painting and Music.

They are organized essay and photo contests, Armenian, Russian and foreign poetry recitation competitions on a regular basis, so as to reveal the creative thinking abilities. A working group composed of the teachers and the students from VSU, visits more than 35 schools of the region, every year, and represents our university, by providing materials, referring to the career orientation of schoolchildren, in order to solve professional issues. “Faculty days”, open lessons, demonstration of entertaining experiences, mastery lessons, visits, organized for career orientation of schoolchildren, quizzes are held, as well as they are given tests for checking students’ knowledge.