Since the launch of the Double Degree program, 5 students from VSU have already completed their first year Master’s study at AMU and are currently in their second year of studies at the Department of English Language and Literature at VSU. “Poznan will surely remember us as five Armenian girls”, says Ani Maloyan, one of the Double Degree Students. Together with her four course mates – Gohar Shahumyan, Mane Marukyan, Anna Balayan, and Raisa Azoyan – Ani participated in a number of academic and extracurricular events and activities and has represented VSU. 

In the pictures

1. Presenting Armenian culture on “Caucasian days” in the framework of the International cultural festival at AMU
2-3. At the public reading of “Odyssey” in Armenian within “Odyssey’s days” held at AMU, Poznan
4. At the “Antique motifs in HARRY POTTER” organized by the students of AMU. The main idea of the event was to discover the influence of Antiquity on Rowling’s “Harry Potter”, the origins of spells, Latin names
5. Introducing the Armenian Dolma

Currently, 3 students from Vanadzor State University, two majoring in English language and literature and one from the department of Russian Language and Literature, are still accomplishing their first year of Master’s Study in Poznan.

The implementation of the Double Degree Master’s program is an essential step in the enhancement of the University internationalization strategy in the pursuit of a quality and competitive modern education, development and improvement of programs and curricula, and reinforcement of dynamic and productive international cooperation.