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A number of Master’s students of VSU attended an online discussion with deputies of Armenian NA and the students of SHSU on November 6, 2019. 

On the 6th of November,2019 Vanadzor State University hosted Sisak Gabrielyan – deputy of National Assembly to have a discussion during My Word Online Townhall Meeting and find possible solutions for bettering the conditions of studying for Master’s  Students. Two other NA deputies - Lilit Makunts, together with  Shirak State University students, and Hayk Konjoryan, from Gyumry and Yerevan respectively, participated in the discussion via LIVE-stream.

The NA deputies, as well as the students and the lecturers, had a debate on the project (bill)“About Making Amendments to the Tax Code”, brought forward by S. Gabrielyan and L. Makunts. The goal of the project, which concerns Master’s and postgraduate students of all the higher educational institutions of  RA, is to support working students by reimbursing their tuition fees through income tax compensation.

Christine Ghazaryan, Associate Professor and PhD in Law, provided the participants with   clear examples to prove that the students who have jobs,  do better in their classes since they are able to put their knowledge into practice. “In recent years there is a tendency in our university to hire our own students to work in our university” added Ch. Ghazaryan.

The online followers of the LIVE-stream had their own contribution to the discussion when they suggested that a more flexible schedule for students  be designed .

At the end of the debate the deputies of the National Assembly of Armenia thanked the audience for their active participation and declared their readiness to arrange such meetings more often.

It is worth mentioning that this was the first attempt of a discussion in LIVE-stream format  between Yerevan, Gyumry, and Vanadzor.

Lilit Harutyunyan, Tsovinar Harutyunyan,

VSU, Philological Faculty, English Language and Literature, Master’s II year

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