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The internship of students is considered to be an important part of education, which gives the opportunity to establish direct connection between the student’s theoretical knowledge and his/her future professional activity.

The internship department of VSU organizes educational, industrial, academic and research internships, and coordinates the works of the university administration, educational-methodological department, dean’s offices and chairs of the university.

The organization of internship is carried out according to the “Regulations for organizing and conducting students’ internship”. The functions of the department of internship are fulfilled by the head of the department and the specialists.

The workers of the Internship department study the types of internships intended for the next academic year and count the quantity of the students, involved in them. Then they carry out the accounting of the type and quality of the diaries and other reporting documents, their changes, publishing and distribution of diaries to the corresponding deans’ offices. The formation of reporting documents of new specializations is realized via cooperation with the corresponding specialists of the chairs.

The internship department studies the correspondence of the institutions suggested by the chairs to the performance of works intended by the following internship and signs contracts on behalf of the rector of VSU. It examines the number of classes in the schools suggested by the chairs, the number of lessons and the conditions of work, and carries out the initial distribution of the students based on it. It forms the schedule of the internship, submits it for approval and organizes it, on its basis. The Internship department implements methodological consultation of students and internship supervisors and informs about new technologies.

During the internship, the department, controls the attendance of students, the quality of planned work, conducts auditions and consultations on the formation of reporting documents, together with the deans’ offices and the internship supervisors.

After the internship, the internship department participates in the defense of internships organized by the deans’ offices, creates final reporting documents on the internships, and analyzes the results of the completed internships, which is taken into account, while organizing the next phases.

Lusine Abovyan, Head of the Internship Department

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