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RA, Vanadzor, st. Tigran Mets 36, tel. (+374.322) 41854 or 41855 - 160

The Educational-Methodological department is one of the main units of Vanadzor State University that works on the basis of the legislation of the Republic of Armenia and on the charter of Vanadzor State University. Main functions of the Academic department include systematization of the academic plans, their correspondence to educational curricula and state criteria, planning, organization and supervision of the educational process, their improvement, providing with the teaching-methodological materials and referenced data, systematizing normative documents having to do with the academic process, ensuring the implementation of new technologies and methods in the academic process.

  • checking of the academic workload of the chair and control of their performance,
  • registration of the staff working on per-hour-payment basis,
  • organization of the works of state examination board and analysis of results,
  • control over current and final examination process,
  • academic process document management and control,
  • workout suggestions for bachelor’s and master’s degree programme admissions,
  • organization of students’ tuition discounting,
  • checking the examination timetable,
  • introduction of project orders connected to the academic process,
  • accounting records,
  • study and analysis of the works, carried out in the chairs,
  • organization of control over quality assurance in education,
  • organization of scholarship granting process,
  • checking and analyzing  lecturers’ individual workload,
  • systematization of the individual plans of academic work of lecturers
  • systematization of documents regulating the academic and methodological work and their  introduction to the corresponding subdivisions of the university for a detailed examination,
  • first year students’ document admission and summarization of admission results,
  • control over practical trainings held in full-time and distance learning systems of education,
  • providing information for  annual reports of the university,
  • carrying out works, connected to the instructions of the rector and vice-rector on educational affairs,
  • organization of paid educational services,
  • elaboration of internal regulation projects,
  • “Lecturer in the eyes of students” analysis of inquiry results,
  • organization of students’ inquiry on the quality and efficiency of teaching.

The Educational-Methodological department comprises the following subdivisions:

  • the internship department,
  • the subdivisions for the planning, coordination and supervision of students’, methodological and academic process.


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