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RA, Vanadzor, st. Tigran Mets 36, tel. (+374.322) 41854 or 41855 - 160

The department of educational reforms of VSU was established in 2005, so as to contribute to the implementation of necessary changes in education system of the university connected to the joining of our country to Bologna process.

The aim of Bologna process is to make recognizable the higher education qualifications of different countries, to involve higher education systems of the countries that joined the declaration in general European Educational Area, by ensuring the free movement of workforce and human capital in the area of EU.

The department of educational reforms has participated in the following works, emanating from the principles of Bologna Declaration:

. investment of two-level education system (Bachelor’s degree programme, Master’s degree Programme),

. organization of educational process based on ECTS credit system,

. investment of bilingual sample of the European Appendix to Diploma (for Master’s degree Programme),

. development and investment of different documents concerned to the educational process of VSU,

. study, analysis and presentation of educational reforms carried out in the higher education sphere of CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) and foreign countries, to the administration of Vanadzor State University, in order to determine the necessity of their application in the educational process of the University.

Nowadays, the transition to investment and implementation of competency-based educational programmes is carried out. The problem of measuring and accurate assessment of knowledge, abilities and skills of the students that they acquire from the courses included in the curricula, are very important in connection with this issue. To solve this problem, the department of educational has developed a number of documents, devoted to the application peculiarities of traditional and contemporary methods of knowledge assessment, to the forming of a set of assessment means and to the development of the peculiarities of passport templates of competences, etc., so as to solve that problem.

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