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RA, Vanadzor, st. Tigran Mets 36, tel. (+374.322) 41854 or 41855 - 160

1. Develops legal documents;
2. Participate in the preparation works of legal acts of University’s governing body, decisions of academic council, opinions, conclusions, regulations and other legal acts, ensures their compliance with the current legislation;
3. Forms labor and other sphere contracts, agreements;
4. Implements legal work of the University, gives advice of legal sphere to the University’s students and employees;
5. Provides legal advice about studying issues to students, their parents and legal representatives;
6. Concludes conclusions on requests and suggestions filed in the applications, reports and notes compliance and reasonableness of legal acts;
7. Conducts a legal analysis of the various aspects of the University's activities and presents the results of the University Rector;
8. Supports the implementation of measures to strengthen the University discipline;
9. Prepare materials for disciplinary liability by University students;
10. Prepare materials for disciplinary liability by University employees;
11. Prepare answer projects of applicants, reports and notes;
12. Provides legal support to the all structural departments of the University;
13. Supports to the University’s Student Council, Student Scientific Society and Trade Union in the case of legal questions or preparing documents, helps to identify and correct the shortcomings and errors in the documents made by them;
14. Protects the University’s interests in judicial instances, law enforcement bodies and other bodies within the scope of issued power of attorney;
15. Implements other functions stipulated by the RA legislation and legal acts of the University.

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