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A group of high school students from Vanadzor High Schools N 11 and N 17 were hosted by VSU.

At the initiative of Hermine Hovhannisyan, the teacher of Biology at school N 11, the students had an opportunity to be in the Laboratory for Biological and Ecological Research. In a technically equipped laboratory, the students had a chance to apply theoretical knowledge in practice, i.e. they determined their blood type and isolated DNA from the herbal cell.

Suren Tazayan, the teacher of History at school N 17, mentioned that the students are interested in educational and material base, specialties and myriads of issues connected to the entrance exams. The students got acquainted with the educational cabinets of the Faculties, the laboratories, the computer center, the materials of the museum and the library during the visit to VSU.

For professional orientation the students talked with T. Shahverdyan, the Dean of the Faculty of Pedagogy, V. Kocharyan, the Associate Professor of the Chair of Physics, A. Melikyan, the Associate Professor of the Chair of History, A. Iskandaryan, the person in charge of the relations between University and School and A. Davtyan, the Public Relations Specialist.

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