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The journalist told Mrs. Toumanyan, that there were rumors in the last days that during the session of the Council of Rectors which was held on the 9th of January, in 2019, in RA Ministry of Education and Science, among other issues, they also spoke about the probable candidate(s) of VSU Rector.  

Susanna Toumanyan answered that some issues had been discussed, concise reports had been delivered at the above-mentioned session, but the rumors spread at the university connected to the probable candidates of Rector were absolutely inaccurate. That kind of question had never been discussed and could not have even been discussed.  

The journalist asked Mrs. Toumanyan that what questions had been discussed.

Susanna Toumanyan answered that the minister had suggested that we should have concentrated on the question of giving certain privileges to the students who would join the army during their exams, i.e. the students were permitted to take their exams earlier. For many years at VSU mechanisms had been set up to solve that problem, in the context of the pertinent procedure.

Liana Pechenevskaya

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