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The visits to the schools of Lori Region, which were intended for professional orientation, were completed. Professional orientation meetings and conversations were held at 38 schools of Vanadzor and Lori Province. The working group included the professors of different Chairs, active students and staff members of VSU. For professional orientation there were held meetings with the 9th grade pupils of Vanadzor Basic School N19. The schools were provided with necessary materials about the activities of the University, VSU High School and College. They visited High School N7 of Vanadzor, High schools of Dsegh, Vahagni, Shahumyan, Ghargar, Secondary school N2 of Metsavan, and conducted meetings with the 12th grade pupils, so as to provide information and materials about the specialties of full-time and distance learning systems  for 2019-2020 academic year of VSU, the learning system of Bachelor’s and Master’s educational programmes, the tuition fees, students’ pension and discounts and preparatory courses intended for University admission.

Interesting and active meetings were conducted at Secondary Schools of the villages of Shahumyan, Dsegh and Vahagni, at High School of Spitak and at High Schools N5, N17 and N10 of Vanadzor.

Approximately 270 out of the 12th grade pupils of the visited schools have already decided that they will apply to our University.

A. Iskandaryan

 A person in charge of the relations between University and School


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