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RA, Vanadzor, st. Tigran Mets 36, tel. +374 322 46387

The Quality Assurance Center of Vanadzor State University operates with two main directions, which are as follows: internal and external quality assurance. The Center aims at creating quality culture, which includes the assurance, management and improvement of quality. Margarita Shahverdyan, the Head of the Center, Candidate of Psychological Sciences and Associate Professor, mentions that those works will only be productive if all stakeholders, such as the students, the academic staff, the administrative staff, the employers, etc. are involved in them. 

The professional team of Quality Assurance Center carries out studies, analyses, monitoring and auditing. Those works are accomplished for the effectiveness of student-centered teaching, the development of management system, transparency and the improvement of scientific and research environment. 

The Quality Assurance Center works with working groups of different faculties and student’s councils, by revealing the needs, presenting recommendations, consulting and guiding.

This kind of cooperation results in the change of management policy of the University, which aims to withstand the challenges of nowadays higher professional education. The Quality Assurance Center plays a crucial role in recruiting employees, managing human and financial resources and changing policy of administrative divisions.

Another example of cooperation is the process of revealing the students needs and making suggestions, with joint efforts. It is also important to provide the students with consultations, which have positive impact on the process of their adaptation to the university life.

One of the essential functions of Quality Assurance Center is its involvement in the second phase of accreditation process of the University, which is unique challenge for the University.

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