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Vanane Mirzoyan, Associate Professor of the Chair of Psychology and Sociology at Vanadzor State University, Candidate of Psychological Sciences and Arina Danielyan, Assistant of the Chair of Foreign Languages, partook in ERASMUS+ PRINTEL project, called  “Change in Classroom: Promoting innovative Teaching & Learning to Enhance Student Learning Experience in Eastern Partnership Countries”. It was held on November 5-9, in 2018, at FH JOANNEUM GESELLSCHAFT MBH (FHJ), during which the lecturers participated in qualification upgrading courses for the academic staff.   

The purpose of the visit was to acquire knowledge and skills that met modern requirements, during the training courses, conducted for lecturers that lasted five days and were organized by FH JOANNEUM GESELLSCHAFT MBH (FHJ), based on the topic entitled “Hybrid/Blended Teaching and Learning”. Later the professors would apply it in education process of Vanadzor State University. There were presented the types of hybrid (blended) teaching, their opportunities and difficulties, advantages and disadvantages, as well as, the online tool for hybrid teaching, such as MOOC, Trello and e-Portfolio. 

The concept, approaches and required infrastructures of “Hybrid/Blended Teaching and Learning” were presented to the participants of the course. As a result, the lecturers had the following opportunities:

  • to discuss the role of the teacher in online settings and to evaluate feedback,
  • to master online collaboration tools, which aim at supporting the courses, provided by the project,
  • to create multimedia works, such as presentations, videos or eBooks, as didactic approaches in teaching process.

At the end of the courses, the partakers were awarded with certificates.

According to the agreement signed with the University, V. Mirzoyan and A. Danielyan have planned to conduct training courses for the professors on the above-mentioned innovative and technologically advanced teaching and learning method, at VSU, in Fabruary/March 2019, with the support of Continuing Education Center.

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