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At the Rectorate Session, which was held on November 19th, under the guidance of S. Tumanyan, Acting Rector of Vanadzor State University, the preparations for accreditation application of the University were discussed. The Deans of all the Faculties delivered their reports on accreditation process. It was assigned not break the deadline for submission of documents.

Margarita Shahverdyan, the Head of the Quality Assurance Center, spoke about the shortcomings in the documents, provided by the subdivisions. It was assigned to correct all the shortcomings abruptly.

The names of the students, whom the University provided the opportunity for partial repayment of tuition fees, were confirmed, as it was necessary.  

There were also discussed current issues. S. Tumanyan suggested that another question should be added to the agenda, which related to the moral and psychological atmosphere of the University. All the Deans talked about interpersonal relationships and working conditions that existed in the Faculties they led.

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