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9th grade pupils of Vanadzor Basic School №3 named after H. Toumanyan, summarized the regular course at Vanadzor State University. Parallel to the theoretical knowledge of the topic entitled "A cell", they had the opportunity to enrich their practical skills. The practical training of Ruzanna Antonyan, who is a Biology teacher at school №3, helped the pupils to remember the course and also to get acquainted with the cell structure.

With the help of the fraction, which was made of onion peel, the pupils studied the cell, and they saw it through a microscope, for the first time.

The pupils’ interest in Biology is also preconditioned by the internships of Master’s degree students of VSU. With the investment of modern technologies, the pupils not only had the opportunity to listen about the topic, but also to see the structure of the fraction, that they had made, with the aid of the projector. From the perspective of strengthening the relation between school and university, it was the regular step. The majority of the pupils would like to continue their education at the University, which is equipped with modern equipment and rich technical base.

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