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Future social pedagogues of Vanadzor State University undertook their internship at Secondary School №18 after A. Khlghatyan of Vanadzor, at Vanadzor Basic School №3 named after H. Toumanyan and at some schools of Spitak. During the internship defense, the students presented a report that summarizes the knowledge they acquired and the work they performed.

During the internship, the students acquired practical social and pedagogical knowledge and skills. During the first week, the students got acquainted with the professional team of the school, and they also studied their work activity, the relevant documents, the methodologies, which were used, and the individual works. During the internship, the students had the opportunity to apply their knowledge. They examined the behavioral characteristics of the pupils, by using diagnostic and projective methodologies.

During work, it was used play therapy method. The students created the game, called “Triangles”, which aimed at developing movement activities, memory, visual and spatial perception. With the help of different types of games, they studied the abilities, which children used for comparing and contrasting.

Summarizing the works they performed, the students came to the conclusion that the work of the social pedagogue with the pupils with special educational needs was difficult and s/he had to take the responsibility of it. The work should be based on a rich source of professional and personal knowledge.

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