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It has been held prestigious international student forum entitled “Time is money”, which was announced by Volgograd State University. The students of the countries, who are the members of Eurasian Economic Union, have partaken in it.   The team, which consists of fourth year students from the departments of "Actuarial and Financial Mathematics" and "Management" of Vanadzor State University, under the guidance of trainer Hrayr Papoyan, has represented Vanadzor State University.

The team of Vanadzor State University, that includes the following members: (Amalya Manyan, a student from the second course of “Management”, Gevorg Hakhverdyan, a student from the third course of “Actuarial and Financial Mathematics”, Anna Mkhitaryan, a student from the fourth course of “Management” and Hovhannes Ghukasyan, a student from the third course of “Management”), has been assigned to present a study based on the insurance market of Eurasian Economic Union.  Our team has made the best of the task, due to which, it has become a winner in the suggested field.

Volgograd State University has invited Vanadzor State University to participate in the next phase from October 17 to 21, so as to present the topic and new suggestions connected to it in detail.

We wish our students success and a safe journey.


Liana Pechenevskaya 

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