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RA, Vanadzor, st. Tigran Mets 36, tel. (+374.322) 41854 or 41855 - 160

Dmitry Astakhov, who is a lecturer of the Chair of Biology, Candidate of Biological Sciences and Associate Professor of Volgograd State University, is at Vanadzor State University for the first time, for presenting the results of his academic works to the students of the Faculty of Biochemistry.

The topic of the study of Russian biologist is the family of two-winged insects.  The author of the work is Vera Rikhter, who is Armenian with her origin. Under her Guidance the book entitled "The works of Russian entomological society" was published. The guest devoted it to the Chair of Biology of Vanadzor State University.

The visit was interesting for both sides. It was the best opportunity for the students of Vanadzor State University to communicate with the guest. The guest had the opportunity to see flora and fauna of our country at least for a short period of time.

It is worth mentioning that during the lecture, while speaking about the insects, Dmitry Astakhov mentioned Armenian names, which V. Rikhter, the supervisor of his academic work, had named in these way. It is interesting, that these names have already been included in the scientific terminology and they are quite applicable nowadays (Ruzanna, Armenakus and others). By giving the insects Armenian names, we present our country to some extent.

31 years old Biologist has devoted 12 years of his life to insectology, especially to two-winged insects. D. Astakhov is one of the unique dipterologists (an expert who studies flies and mosquitoes) in Russia. 

During our conversation, as Anna Astakhova noticed with a smile, the studies of her husband begin every year from May to September, the circle of which includes the whole Caucasus. Mating season for insects is a process of intensive research for a biologist. Nowadays, he studies not only the similarities and differences of the species of insects, but also their genetic properties.

                                                                                              Liana Pechenevskaya

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