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On June 29, 2018 the Centre of Continuing (lifelong) Education of Vanadzor State University again awarded certificates to 61 students who successfully completed the accelerated foreign language courses. The day was also notable for 13 listeners who participated in “Geshtalt Therapy” course and 5 listeners of “Inclusive Education” course organized by the centre. They also were awarded by graduation certificates. An unexpected award for everyone was added to the congratulatory and thankful words of the trainers and listeners. As a result of the survey conducted among the audience, it was decided   “The brainiest and charming”, “The most dignified”, “The most punctual”, “The most unique” lecturers, as well as “The most punctual and knowledgeable”, “The most indifferent” and “The laziest” listeners in each group.

The listeners also had a unique surprise to their lecturers they awarded them certificates and diplomas made by them.

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