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Recently VSU Rector Gurgen Khachatryan received a letter from Mamikon Aslanyan mayor of Vanadzor municipality. There, in particular, was mentioned: “To provide tuition fee support to socially vulnerable groups’ students (the final AQR in academic journals should be higher than 74.00) of Vanadzor State University named after H. Toumanyan 50,000 (fifty thousand) AMD has been allocated to each of the following students from Vanadzor community budget funds of 2018 .In future there are going to transfer 1.100.00(one million and a hundred thousand) AMD to Vanadzor State University.”

  1. Matsakyan Anahit the 2nd year student
  2. Magtaghyan Inesa the 2nd year student
  3. Sargsyan Ani the 2nd year student
  4. Arakelyan Anna the 2nd year student
  5. Hovsepyan Elen the 2nd year student
  6. Simonyan Yana the 2nd year student
  7. Mayilyan Vergine the 2nd year student
  8. Martirosyan Marieta the 2nd year student
  9. Arsenyan Roza the 2nd year student
  10. Beglaryan Anna the 2nd year student
  11. Martirosyan Irina the 3rd year student
  12. Ohanyan Mariam the 3rd year student
  13. Galoyan Lilit the 3rd year student
  14. Ishkhanyan Arpine the 3rd year student
  15. Simonyan Kristina the 3rd year student
  16. Papyan Tatev the 3rd year student
  17. Grigoryan Tatevik the 3rd year student
  18. Vardanyan Astghik the 3rd year student
  19. Aghababyan Narine the 4th year student
  20. Mejlumyan Meri the 4th year student
  21. Poghosyan Svetlana the 4th year student
  22. Petrosyan Liana the 2nd year student of MA

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