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On April 5 to 20 was held on “Renaissance” international festive in Gyumri. VSU “Biayna” Choir with the head of Sergey Harutyunyan Associate Professor of Fine Arts Chair participated in “Choral Arts” nomination.

According to the competition regulations the choirs should present four composers' works of 20-21 centuries, accompaniment and a capella. “Biayna” Choir presented “Yerkir Hayreni” by Haykuhi Hakobyan head of Arts Chair, Composer and “Libertango” by Astor Piazzolla; during the performance, the choir was supported by its accomplished assistant professor of the Chair of Art Karine Yeritsyan. Then the Choir performed “Mi geghetsik parz gisher” by Komitas dedicated to the massacres of Van in 1896 and a capella performed “Ela Tanis” folk song development by Komitas. In general, S. Harutyunyan has a great respect towards Komitas' music, and the Komitas songs are constantly on the list of “Biayna” repertoire.

The jury consisted of directors from abroad who highly appreciated the choir contest and awarded the first honorary prize.

Congratulations to “Biayna” choir, artistic director Sergey Harutyunyan and accompanist Karine Yeritsyan.

VSU Arts Chair

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