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The issue of electing a Rector was included on the agenda of the meeting of VSU Board of Trustees that was held on the first of March. Armen Tsaturyan, who was one of the five candidates, whose name was approved in advance, had filed an application on withdrawal.

First, the members of VSU Board of Trustees discussed the candidates’ compliance with the requirements of “The Procedure for the Election of VSU Rector”, then the candidates presented their future plans in alphabetical order. The members of VSU Board of Trustees had decided that the Q&A session with the candidates should last thirty minutes during the meeting, which took place on the 21st of February.

After the candidates presented their future plans, both the members of VSU Board of Trustees and the candidates delivered their final speeches.

A Counting Committee was formed, which consisted of five members. A secret ballot election was conducted by the members of VSU Board of Trustees. When the votes were counted, they were distributed as follows:

Rubik Dallakyan - 1

Stepan Stepanyants - 1

Rustam Sahakyan - 15

Zaruhi Vardanyan - 6

Against all - 1

The Chairman of Counting Committee summarized the election results. Rustam Sahakyan was elected Rector of Vanadzor State University by 15 votes. The decision will be approved by the Authorized Body of the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of the Republic of Armenia.

You can get acquainted with the autobiography and future plans of VSU Rector by following the links below:



The meeting of VSU Board of Trustees was broadcast live on the YouTube channel. The link is as follows:


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