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The meeting with VSU students was dedicated to the banking system and card culture. During the lecture the specialists of “ID Bank” introduced the history of the origin of the cards and their applicability, as well as the differences between debit (settlement) cards and credit cards to the partakers of the meeting. The representatives of “ID Bank” also spoke about Idram Rocket Visa payWave card that interested the students of the University. The presentation was followed by a dynamic Q&A session. The employees of the bank shared their work experience with the participants of the meeting.

The students were interested in all possible facilities of this card. The employees of “ID Bank” told interesting stories and presented statistical facts related to the card culture. After filling out the payment card application, the students participated in an interesting raffle. Two lucky participants were randomly chosen as the winners of the raffle. The representatives of “ID Bank” handed out souvenirs to the winners. All the other students, who filled out the payment card application, will be given Idram Rocket Visa payWave card as a gift by the bank manager.

Due to their necessity and efficiency, such meetings will be continual. The administrative staff of the University will build closer ties with the representatives of “ID Bank”.

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