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The Quality Assurance Center conducts meeting and discussions on a regular basis, emphasizing the importance of professors’ participation in the process of Institutional Accreditation. The Deans and Professors of the Faculties of Philology and Biology and Chemistry at VSU attended the regular meeting.

They presented those indicators that should guide the people, who were responsible for the successful completion of the Accreditation process, as it was essential for the future of the University. The participants of the meeting also spoke about the steps they took for the implementation of Accreditation process.

Margarita Shahverdyan, Head of Quality Assurance Center at VSU, highlighted the proper coordination of the work relating to Accreditation process, noticing that each Faculty had to conduct self-analysis. The upcoming doings were discussed, and the steps to cope with the challenges of Accreditation process were identified to some extent.

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