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The session of the Academic Council of the Faculty of History and Geography was held on the 15th of May, in 2019, on the agenda of which was the selection of the Dean of the Faculty. The only candidate, who was suggested by the Academic Council, was Lusine Kostandyan, Acting Dean of the Faculty of History and Geography.

According to the regulation, the session was conducted by Koryun Torosyan, Candidate of Economic Sciences and the oldest member of the Academic Council. The Academic Council also unanimously chose a secretary from the students, who were the members of the Council. The secretary took the minutes of the entire session. The composition of the Committee on Counting was approved.

Lusine Kostandyan delivered a speech on the procedure for the Faculty development that lasted ten minutes. L. Kostandyan introduced the problems that existed in the Faculty to the members of the Academic Council, indicating the possible ways of solving them.

Then, several members of the Academic Council delivered a speech as well. They described L. Kostandyan as a responsible and an intelligent employee and a non-confrontational person.

Eighteen members of the Academic Council participated in the voting process. As a result of the voting, the selection of the Dean of the Faculty was approved by sixteen votes in favor, one against and one invalid vote.

Thus, Lusine Kostandyan was chosen as the Dean of the Faculty of History and Geography, by the decision of the Academic Council.

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