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Within the scope of School-University Relation, the Chair of Russian Language of VSU organized poetry recitation contest entitled “Поэзии немеркнущее слово”, which was dedicated to the 220th anniversary of the birth of Alexander Pushkin. The aim of the contest was to test the pupils’ knowledge of Russian Language and Literature, the vocabulary, pronunciation, the ability to recite and the interest in Russian poetry.  

40 pupils from various regions of Lori Province participated in the contest. The competition committee consisted of the professors from the Chair of Russian Language, such as K. Arustamyan (Chairman of the Committee), T. Tadevosyan, G. Hovhannisyan, K. Grigoryan and E. Gevorgyan.

The pupils recited not only the poems of A. Pushkin, but also the poems of other prominent Russian poets. The contest took place in a single round. 11 pupils took the first, second and third places and were awarded with diplomas and certificates by the decision of the committee.

Gevorg Ghulyan, the 10th grade pupil from High School of VSU, recited the poem of Yuliya Vikhareva entitled “28 years”. He won the first place and was awarded with a diploma by the decision of the committee.

The pupils from Vanadzor Basic Schools N1, N3 and N23, Vanadzor High School N11, as well as from High school N8 in Alaverdi, Lernapat Secondary School and High School of VSU, were awarded with diplomas.

The teachers of Russian Language and Literature from High school N8 in Alaverdi, Lernapat Secondary School and High School of VSU were awarded with letters of appreciation as well.

                                Aida Iskandaryan,

Coordinator of School-University Relation of the Department of Cooperation and Relations

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