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May 9 traditionally marks a day of triple victory for the Armenian nation. That day, they celebrate the victory in Great Patriotic War (in 1941-1945), the Day of the Liberation of Shushi (in 1992) and the anniversary of the Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh) Defense Army.

The Committee of Leisure and Sports of VSU Student Council conducted an event dedicated to May triple-holiday, in “Bazum” Educational and Sporting Holiday հome. That day, the participants of the event played different games. They also played a symbolic game entitled “Conquer the tricolour flag”. According to the rules of the game, the partakers of the game should distract the opposing team, take the flag of the opposing team rapidly and bring it to their team.

The games and competitions continued until late at night.

In the evening, they gathered together around a bonfire and sang songs, recited poems and told interesting stories dedicated to May 9.

                                                   The Committee of Leisure and Sports of VSU Student Council

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