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The results of the training courses conducted in the context of “PRINTEL (ERASMUS+)” project, called “Change in Classroom: Promoting Innovative Teaching & Learning to Enhance Student Learning Experience in Eastern Partnership Countries”, were summarized, on May 13, at Vanadzor State University.

The courses had the following orientations:

  • Hybrid/Blended Teaching & Learning,
  • Active Learning in the “Flipped Classroom”,
  • Active learning &ICT-enhanced teaching:m-learning&gamification,
  • Video as a Learning tool for teachers &students: Video Lecturing & promoting Interaction in the Classroom,
  • Active Learning, with special focus on Technology Enhanced Collaborative Learning.

Arina Danielyan, Vanane Mirzoyan, Anna Arakelyan, Maria Brutyan, Anna Khachatryan and Kristine Ghazaryan, professors who conducted lectures, have been trained at leading European Universities ( Katholieke  Universiteit Leuven, Universitat de Barcelona, Universidade do Porto, Linkopings Universitet and Graz University of Applied Sciences).

More than 60 professors participated in the works of the project, who, as a result of the courses:

  • learned to utilize “Active learning in “Flipped classroom” model, Panopto, Trello,  Easygenerator,  Moovly, E-Portfolio MOOC (xMOOC, cMOOC, SPOC, BOOC, MOOR), Google Drive platforms and QR code tool.
  • were able to work with Explain Everything, IMovie or MiniMovie attachments and Movavi, Canva, Polleverywhere, Adobe Spark video, Kahoot, Socrative, Adobe Spark video programmes.
  • got acquainted with Animaker, Canva, Prezi, Mindmup, Mentimeister systems that supported them to conduct their courses, with Polleverywhere, Plickers, Mentimeter systems, which were used during the assessment process and with other systems.
  • learned to conduct inquiries with Poll, Kahoot Sli-do, Mentimeter tools.
  • a preferred course was developed with the help of “ABC design”.
  • used a number of well-known methods, such as “Six Hats” “One Minute Questioning, TPACK, ADDIE, BLOOM Taxonomy, SMART, ABCD, etc.
  • formed a gamification strategy for their own course and used “Escape room” version of gamification.

The participants were awarded with certificates (you can see the list of the partakers here). 

Online inquiries were conducted to assess the effectiveness of the courses and provide feedback. The reactions are quite positive. You can see the results of the inquiries here (Arina Danielyan, Vanane Mirzoyan, Anna Arakelyan, Maria Brutyan, Anna Khachatryan and Kristine Ghazaryan). 

The enthusiasm of the professors was so motivating, during the process of summarizing the results that Nelly Sirunyan, a professor of the Chair of Foreign Languages, even decided to dedicate a poem…

The training of the professors is an ongoing process. Nowadays, the coordinating group of ERASMUS+ PRINTeL project has embarked on the establishment of Virtual Academy (VATL).

You can learn more details about the courses from the website of ERASMUS+ PRINTeL project, which is as follows: https://www.printel.am/category/news/in-house-teacher-training-course-at-vana.

                                                       Educational-Methodological Department of VSU

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