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The results of the school Olympiads that were held at Vanadzor State University in March-April, 2019, were summarized. 776 pupils from the schools of Lori Region participated in the Olympiads, including 500 pupils who learn in Humanities stream and 276 pupils who study in Natural stream.

The school Olympiads were conducted from the following subjects: “Biology”, “Chemistry”, “Informatics”, “Physics”, “Mathematics”, “Armenian Literature”, “Armenian Language”, “Russian Language”, “English Language”, “History”, “Geography”, “Fine Arts” and “Music”. The pupils from high and secondary schools of Vanadzor, the 10th-12th grade pupils of the High School of VSU, as well as the pupils from Gugark, Darpas, Arjut, Vahagni, Shahumyan, Lernapat, Nor Khachakap, Geghasar, Lernantsk, Dsegh villages, Alaverdi and Stepanavan cities partook in the school Olympaids.

295 pupils from the 10th grade, 226 pupils from the 11th grade and 255 pupils from the 12th grade attended the Olympiads. From the answers given to the questions that the organizers asked to the partakers during the Olympiads, it is supposed that about 150 pupils will apply for admission to Vanadzor State University. The majority of the pupils constantly participate in those Olympiads that are held from the following subjects: “Armenian Language”, “English Language” and “Mathematics”. The main reason for this is that these subjects are included in the list of the entrance exams of a number of specialties.

After summarizing the results of the school Olympiads, it became clear that 19 pupils took the first place from the following subjects: “Chemistry”, “Mathematics”, “History”, “Fine Arts” and “Music”. 79 pupils won the second and third places and 61 pupils were awarded with encouragement prizes. The winners of the Olympiads will be awarded during the solemn ceremony that will be organized in the near future, about which they will provide additional information.

Aida Iskandaryan,

Coordinator of School-University Relation at VSU

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