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Mane Karamyan, a head of the Committee of Leisure and Sports of VSU Student Council invited Mane Khachatryan, a university-graduate of VSU, to conduct a seminar on “Advertising and PR”. Mane Khachatryan introduced the peculiarities of advertising language, the interrelation between advertising and PR, the mechanisms of their influence and the features of their perception to the participants of the seminar.

Various methods and tools are used to have an impact on communication and public opinion, depending on the goals. If communication aims to foster sales or consumption in a short time, advertising is used. The main function of PR is to achieve mutual understanding through the creation and maintenance of bilateral communication between the organization and the public.

The discussion took place in the atmosphere of active questions and comments, and the stereotypes about advertising were broken to some extent. The students confessed that the discussion was interesting and actual.

The organizers stated that another seminar will be held in the near future which will have psychological orientation.

The Committee of Leisure and Sports of VSU Student Council

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