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The second year students in the specialty of “Social Pedagogy” at VSU, paid a three-day visit to “Shogh” Daycare Center and “Orran” Charitable Non-governmental Organization. The visit was initiated by Professor L. Marukyan. The purpose of the visit was to get acquainted with the activity of the center and the charitable organization, so as to apply the skills that they had acquired during the visit in the future. The employees of “Shogh” Daycare Center warmly welcomed the students. They participated in the educational event that was entitled “Thank you” and had been organized by M. Maghakyan. Being provided with pertinent methodological assistance from the employees of the center, the students also organized an event on the theme of “Friendship”.

The students continued their visit that lasted three days in “Orran” Charitable Non-governmental Organization, where social pedagogues carried out individual and group work. The individual work, such as lesson preparation and trainings were fulfilled for the improvement of the quality of children’s education and the group work was implemented for the cognitive development of children. The employees of “Orran” treated the social pedagogues of VSU warmly, which contributed to the efficient organization of the work.

The students expressed their gratitude to the employees of the charitable organizations for their warm welcome and lecturer L. Marukyan for her assistance.

The second year students in the specialty of “Social Pedagogy”

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